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Es-Te Estefold 3000

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Es-Te Estefold 3000

Best Entry Level.

In a first step the plan has to be fed into the estefold 3000 manually for the fan fold, subsequently the fan folded document has to be re-fed into the folder to conduct the cross fold.
Selected fold style or possible malfunctions are presented graphically on an all new 7 “Android tablet display.
This appealing & intuative GUI also allows for the easiest & most flexible customization of folding styles.
Even inexperienced users can process several drawings per minute with ease and repeatability.
Finished, sharp-edged folding packages are ejected face up at an ergonomic height.

Combines standard-setting technology, comfort and smart design in what might just be the most compact full-fold device ever.

All proven & appreciated advantages like:

  • Easy installation, thanks to a complete “plug & fold” factory assembly.
  • Unmatched flexibility, thanks to “millimeter-increment” adjustability.
  • ES-TE quality, durability and long life.
  • So quiet that it is even certified for use in living rooms.

Technische data:

  • Gebruikersomgeving (GUI): 7″ Android tablet
  • Printmedia voeden: Handmatig (2 staps)
  • Snelheid: Tot max 14 A0 per minuut
  • Aantal vouw programma’s: 240 – bewerkbare
  • Vouw stijlen: DIN A,B,C & Freestyle
  • Paneel met waaiervouw: 170 – 420 mm (opt. 100 – 420 mm)
  • Paneel met kruisvouw: 250 – 320 mm
  • Marge: 0 – 40 mm
  • Alleen waaiervouw (max.): 28 laags (80 g/m²)
  • Alleen kruisvouw (max.): 6 laags (80 g/m²)
  • Document lengte: 420 mm – onbeperkt
  • Document breedte: 297 – 930 mm
  • Document gewicht: 60 – 120 g/m²
  • Machine gewicht: 122 kg
  • Machine afmetingen L x W x H: 1352 x 1158 x 1083 mm


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Es-Te Estefold 3000

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