Canon imagePROGRAF iPF600 24 inch - 1015B002

Belangrijkste eigenschappen:

  • Toepassing: Kantoor & CAD/GIS
  • Printbreedte: ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch
  • Inkt: Dye (kleurstof)
  • Aantal Inktpatronen: 5

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130 ml

0,39 per ml

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130 ml

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130 ml

0,39 per ml

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130 ml

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ISO A1 Plotterpaper - 594 mm

80 gram per m²
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Oversize A1 Plotterpaper - 610 mm

80 gram per m²
18,53 excl. BTW

236 op voorraad

80 gram per m²
10,29 excl. BTW

324 op voorraad

80 gram per m²
24,70 excl. BTW

685 op voorraad

90 gram per m²
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90 gram per m²
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90 gram per m²
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90 gram per m²
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269 op voorraad

180 gram per m²
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140 gram per m²
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18 op voorraad

120 gram per m²
15,10 excl. BTW

69 op voorraad

Meer informatie over deze plotter:

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF600 24 inch – (1015B002)

De Canon imagePROGRAF iPF600 is door Canon “End of Life” verklaard per: 31-01-2015

Loaded with features specifically developed for technical document applications and business customers looking for productivity, high-quality print, ease-of-use, and cost-effective operation, the Corporate and CAD Series printers are ideal for:

  • General Business Environments
    Users who need to create presentations, signs, posters, displays, document/packaging proofs, or other oversize prints interspersed with everyday, general color business documents in bold, expressive color.
  • Technical Documents
    Users creating CAD drawings, architectural elevations, GIS maps, marketing planograms, or other renderings requiring fine sharp lines, smooth curves, crisp text, fade/scratch resistance, and fast print speeds.
  • Lines, Letters, And Graphics Never Looked So Good
    Canon’s breakthrough five-color dye/pigment ink technology uses four highly colorfast dye inks (CMYK) and a pigment-based Matte Black (MBK) ink. The dye black is used with high-color prints on glossy paper and proofing paper. Two matte black ink reservoirs are used for high-speed printing of line drawings and text-oriented office documents. Canon’s reactive ink technology is created by combining matte black ink with cyan ink. This prevents ink from spreading at the border between color and black output. This ensures clear text, smooth curves, and sharp, fine lines on any media, whether the black printing is set against white or color backgrounds. The unique ink formulation also provides improved resistance against scratches and marks when compared to conventional dye inks.
  • Intelligent Engineering Makes Quick Work of Complex Documents
    The imagePROGRAF printers are designed to deliver hasslefree, multiuse image processing—and ideal prints, regardless of image content and without complicated management of print settings. The power of these printers begins at their core with Canon’s innovative L-COA (Large-format printer COmmon Architecture) processor, the digital brain that dynamically optimizes output speed and print quality based on the type of image and the media used. The L-COA controller intelligently processes print data and directs the high-precision, high-density print head to deposit ink with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Whether creating graphics, eye-catching posters, spreadsheets, charts, or detailed technical drawings, this unique processor ensures that the final output is optimized for maximum readability, accuracy, and productivity.
  • Output Technical Documents Directly From AutoCAD
    Standard on all three printers, the imagePROGRAF HDI driver is designed for high image quality and easy operation when printing AutoCAD files.
  • Simple Maintenance
    The output may be sophisticated, but maintaining Canon imagePROGRAF printers is simple. Operator-friendly features, including an interactive user-interface, enhanced print status monitor, simplified paper loading, and ink maintenance, make these printers easy to configure, use, and maintain. An array of integrated system adjustments optimize print parameters based on media selection, environmental conditions, and print head performance.Ink is stored in individual, high-capacity tanks that reduce the need for refilling. Plus, a host of automated systems help monitor ink levels, paper availability, color registration, and other operating parameters to provide fast feedback to the user. The bottom line, more time printing and less time maintaining.
Zoekwoorden: Canon, ImagePROGRAF, iPF, iPF600, iPF 600, iPF-600, CAD/GIS printer, 24 inch, 1015B002


Extra informatie

Gewicht 72,0 kg
Afmetingen 99,0 × 99,9 × 98,1 cm

ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch




12 maanden


Kantoor & CAD/GIS

Inkt (soort)

Dye (kleurstof)

Inktcartridges (aantal)


Inktcartridges (kleuren)

Cyaan, Geel, Magenta, Mat Zwart (Pigment), Zwart

Inktcartridges (volume)

130 ml



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