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- Merk: Colortrac
- Functionaliteit: Alleen scannen


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Colortrac PC and flat screen mounting kit
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Floor Stand SCi (incl. Catch Basket)
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Meer informatie over deze scanner:

Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress Series

The right choice for up to 36 inch wide technical documents and maps.

A well-proven, innovative technology for great wide format image quality. SingleSensor is a US Patent protected Colortrac invention that combines CIS elements and LEDs in a single line for maximum scan accuracy and optimal illumination.

Reliable and affordable scanning with a fast return on investment.
Get the job done ‘super-fast’ with no stopping or waiting.


Extra informatie

Gewicht 25 kg
Afmetingen 50 × 50 × 50 cm



Colortrac SmartLF SCi 36e Xpress – 3858V723

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