HP DesignJet cc 800 ps 42 inch - (Q1262A)

Belangrijkste eigenschappen:
  • Toepassing: Kantoor & CAD/GIS
  • Printbreedte: ISO A0+, 1067 mm – 42 inch
  • Inkt: Dye (kleurstof)
  • Aantal Inktpatronen: 4

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HP DesignJet cc 800 ps 42 inch – (Q1262A)

The HP Designjet Copier cc800ps is ideal for technical workgroups and GIS professionals who want to easily reproduce and digitalise their large format documents when they need it for further manipulation. Also for copy shops wanting to increase their business, the integrated and easy-to-operate design of the HP Designjet Copier cc800ps adds large format colour copying capabilities to their offering for less than ever before. Now you can produce high quality colour copies of large format documents and scan originals to file quickly without requiring an external PC. Easy to use and delivering great results every time, the multifunctional capabilities of the HP Designjet Copier cc800ps enable you to copy and scan from 1066 mm wide originals of rigid media up to 15 mm thick. You can scan documents at 2400 dpi enhanced resolution and achieve high quality printouts in colour at up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.

Copy, scan and print your large format colour documents at a breakthrough price:

  • Get the results you want from the extensive range of colour copying functions: up to 99 multiple copies, enlargement and reduction, panelling, tiling and nesting features give you full control over production of copies.
  • Achieve high fidelity full colour scanning at 2400 dpi enhanced resolution from a 1066 mm wide original, with no length restrictions.
  • Scan your original to a file, archive it on the system’s 6.5 GB hard disk or share it over the network with your workgroup.

The integrated design provides fast and flexible performance with easy one-touch operation:

  • Save time as the copier starts printing 20 seconds after loading the original and copying an A1 drawing takes less than 2.5 minutes.
  • Make it easy: one-touch operation through user-friendly touch screen front panel ensures ease of use, with on line help button for quick resolution of problems.
  • Save space in your office or copy shop as the HP Designjet Copier cc800ps has a small footprint and does not need an external PC for standalone copying operations.

Produce high resolution, high quality colour copies on demand:

  • Create high resolution colour printouts up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.
  • Achieve continuous tones and smooth transitions for ultimate photo quality results with HP Color Layering Technology.
  • Handle all your large format jobs with robust colour scanning at up to 2400 dpi enhanced resolution.
  • The closed-loop colour calibration used by the system creates media colour profiles, resulting in accurate colour reproduction.


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ISO A0+, 1067 mm – 42 inch


Kantoor & CAD/GIS

Inkt (soort)

Dye (kleurstof)

Inktcartridges (aantal)

Inktcartridges (kleuren)

Cyaan, Geel, Magenta, Zwart

Inktcartridges (volume)

69 ml



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Inktpatronen 69 ml

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HP 82 - 69 ml Cyaan inkt cartridge - (C4911A)45,10 excl. BTW
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