HP DesignJet 330 24 inch - (C4701A)

Belangrijkste eigenschappen:
  • Toepassing: Kantoor & CAD/GIS
  • Printbreedte: ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch
  • Inkt: Dye (kleurstof)
  • Aantal Inktpatronen: 4

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HP DesignJet 330 24 inch – (C4701A)

The HP DesignJet 350C printer produces vibrant, full-color, D-size output in just six minutes. With the HP Color Upgrade Kit, the monochrome HP DesignJet 330 printer can be upgraded to the full-color functionality of the HP DesignJet 350C printer. Both offer an optional roll-feed mechanism and legs kit. Both printers output detailed, presentation-quality plots up to E-size, better than small-format output devices. Both printers allow complete control of the design output process with very short turnaround, which can be more convenient than sending the work to a service bureau. All of this comes at breakthrough prices that bring HP quality and performance within reach.

The HP DesignJet 350C and 330 printers give advantages that only HP can offer, including HP reliability for maximum productivity with minimum downtime, genuine HP printer languages, the industry standard for 100% compatibility with virtually all CAD software. HP also offers a 1-year onsite warranty backed by 475 sales and service facilities worldwide. In short, only HP delivers a printer that maximizes productivity, day in and day out, at the lowest possible price.

Printer features:

  • 600-dpi-addressable black output on plain paper.
  • Vibrant 300-dpi color output (HP DesignJet 350C printer)
  • Supports a variety of media, including opaque bond, coated and glossy paper, vellum and film.
  • Final-quality D-size black plots in about 5 minutes.
  • Final-quality D-size color plots in about 6 minutes (HP DesignJet 350C printer)
  • 4 MB buffer, expandable up to 36 MB.
  • Tabletop design for maximum flexibility.
  • Genuine HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and HP RTL printer languages.
  • AutoCAD Release 10, 11, 12, and 13 drivers.
  • Microsoft (R) Windows 3.1, 3.11, and Windows 95 drivers.


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ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch


Kantoor & CAD/GIS

Inkt (soort)

Dye (kleurstof)

Inktcartridges (aantal)

Inktcartridges (kleuren)


Inktcartridges (volume)

42 ml



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