HP DesignJet 110plus nr 24 inch - (C7796E)

Belangrijkste eigenschappen:
  • Toepassing: Kantoor & CAD/GIS
  • Printbreedte: ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch
  • Inkt: Dye (kleurstof)
  • Aantal Inktpatronen: 4

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HP DesignJet 110plus nr 24 inch – (C7796E)

The HP Designjet 110plus printer series is an affordable, versatile multiformat printer that lets you print all your standard and oversized output in colour, in-house—in minutes. Print accurate drawings, impressive renderings and even full-sized marketing and promotional material, from postcards to presentations or spreadsheets to schematics. For engineers, architects and designers, amongst others, that means no more taping or outsourcing required.

Versatile productivity, improved workflow:
By adding the HP Designjet 110plus printer series you get a single, affordable device that handles on-demand oversized printing, as well as standard office printing. The result is increased efficiency and effectiveness for a wide range of operations, both large and small.

Cost-saving in-house production:
Economical printing of large-format jobs is now possible, in-house, with the highly affordable HP Designjet 110plus printer series. You can expect great savings with reduced outsourcing costs, as well as create an “on-demand” workflow with improved efficiency and turn-around time.

Supply replacement that’s easy on the budget:
The HP Designjet 110plus printer series is equipped with a modular ink system that allows you to replace supplies individually. You only replace what has run out, so you reduce waste and save on resupply costs.

Razor sharp text and line accuracy:
The 1200 dpi resolution and HP technology also ensure excellent line accuracy for all your professional documents. Black, pigmented ink produces dense, dark lines and text with sharp, lasting results for reproduction or long-term storage.

Flexible drivers for optimal performance:
Optimised drivers provide standard office features like number of copies, zoom and custom page size. AutoCAD drivers that support both Mac and Windows® handle the intricacies of AutoCAD printing, including line styles and weights, line ends and joins, annotations and raster patterns.

Worldwide support that’s world renowned:
For the last thirteen years, Hewlett-Packard has consistently received the “A” grade in PC Magazine’s Service and Reliability Survey and recently received one of the first-ever A+ ratings. That’s the kind of assurance you get with HP Customer Care.


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ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch


Kantoor & CAD/GIS

Inkt (soort)

Dye (kleurstof)

Inktcartridges (aantal)

Inktcartridges (kleuren)

Cyaan, Geel, Magenta, Zwart

Inktcartridges (volume)

28 ml, 69 ml



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Inktpatronen 28 ml

HP 11 - 28 ml Cyaan inkt cartridge - (C4836A)51,10 excl. BTW
HP 11 - 28 ml Magenta inkt cartridge - (C4837A)51,10 excl. BTW
HP 11 - 28 ml Geel inkt cartridge - (C4838A)50,70 excl. BTW

Inktpatronen 69 ml

HP 10 - 69 ml Zwart inkt cartridge - (C4844A)47,57 excl. BTW


HP 11 Printkop Zwart - C4810A51,95 excl. BTW
HP 11 Printkop Cyaan - C4811A54,06 excl. BTW
HP 11 Printkop Magenta - C4812A52,47 excl. BTW
HP 11 Printkop Geel - C4813A52,06 excl. BTW



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