Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 24 inch - (1016B002)

Belangrijkste eigenschappen:
  • Toepassing: Fotografie, Grafische industrie
  • Printbreedte: ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch
  • Inkt: Pigment
  • Aantal Inktpatronen: 12

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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 24 inch – (1016B002)

De Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 is door Canon “End of Life” verklaard per: 30-06-2019

Featuring Canon’s 12-colour pigment ink system the iPF6100 large format A1 printer delivers an incredibly wide colour gamut, fast and accurate prints, and is ever so simple to operate, making this ideal for photography, fine art, proofing and poster making.

Further Information
Deliver the finest print results with incredible consistency using the iPF6100 large format A1 printer. Featuring Canon’s 12-colour pigment ink system the iPF6100 delivers an incredibly wide colour gamut, fast and accurate prints, and is ever so simple to operate.

Exceptional quality
The iPF6100 produces prints of exceptional quality on A1 media thanks to Canon’s industry-first dual-head 12-colour LUCIA II pigment ink system. The 12 colours are not only capable of delivering an exceptionally wide colour gamut; they use less ink than conventional systems by reducing the need to mix colours, for more efficient running costs. The LUCIA inks also deliver prints with smooth colour graduation, reduced graininess and bronzing, for results that are consistently impressive.

Dependable accuracy and consistency
The iPF6100 incorporates a built-in colour calibration system which is easy-to-use, for excellent results without unnecessary time-wasting. As well as providing consistency across devices, a unique feature enables the iPF6100 (once calibrated) to adjust the ink ejected depending on the media being used – so there’s no need for external calibration devices. Plus, the initial calibration process takes a mere 10 minutes.

Superb productivity
Like all Canon’s imagePROGRAF wide format printers, the iPF6100 uses the twin-head high density print head which is able to pack 30,720 nozzles into just two 1″ print heads. The resulting 4-pl (picolitre) ink droplets ensure delicate colour graduation, high definition expression and accuracy. Despite these most exacting standards of print performance the iPF6100 is capable of producing A1 draft prints in just 67 seconds.

A range of powerful software applications are available, ensuring the iPF6100 can be used in corporate environments as well as specialist print environments:

  • imagePROGRAF Digital Photo Front Access enables image editing at the touch of a button.
  • imagePROGRAF Plug-In for Photoshop allowing users to export 16-bit RGB images processed with Adobe Photoshop directly to the imagePROGRAF printer.
  • Poster Artist (Optional) Poster Creation allows you to easily create head-turning posters thanks to over 1,000 templates and images.

Easy operation
The iPF6100 is designed with users in mind. As well as automatic skew correction, a large LCD display constantly reminds uses of the media being used and the remaining print levels, for assured, non-stop productivity.


  • Borderless A1 glossy prints in less than 4 minutes.
  • 12-colour lightfast inks for outstanding colour gamut.
  • Built-in colour calibration system saving time and money.
  • Easy to use intuitive software.
  • More colours, less inks makes this a great investment.


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ISO A1+, 610 mm – 24 inch


Fotografie, Grafische industrie

Inkt (soort)


Inktcartridges (aantal)

Inktcartridges (kleuren)

Blauw, Cyaan, Foto Cyaan, Foto Grijs, Foto Magenta, Geel, Grijs, Groen, Magenta, Mat Zwart, Rood, Zwart

Inktcartridges (volume)

130 ml



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